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Based out of Seattle, playtestNW is a cabal of designers with the sole mission of bringing enjoyment through tabletop games to the masses. Our playtestNW events wouldn't be the same without the generous help of the eager gamers and game designers who volunteer their time for event hosting and community outreach. 

Director of Events, Seattle / David MacKenzie
Director of Events, Portland / Sarah Sharp
Designer Relations / Isaias Vallejo, Levi Mote, Thomas Gutschmidt
Community Relations / Matthew Gravelyn
Event Host / Nicole Jekich, Luke Turpeinen

And, more importantly, playtestNW is all of you! We rely on the time and thoughtful feedback of playtesters in the Pacific Northwest. Please join us at one of our many events!

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Designing Cardboard - A tabletop game design blog by Matthew Gravelyn.

Daily Magic Games - A designer-friendly and customer-focused publisher specializing in casual tabletop games.

Flatout Games - A tabletop game design collaborative and creators of the Flatout at the Table podcast. 

One Thousand XP - Purveyor of mighty fine podcasts, videos, and games.