The 2018 NorthWest
Luci Award

Information about the 2018 Northwest LUCI award
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2017 Northwest Lucu Award winners!

Congratulations to all of the contestants. Below are our LUCI game design contest winners. 

2017 Highlights

2017's Final Round JUDGES


2017 RULES and restrictions

Designers must be 18 years or older to enter. Limit one submission per designer. Judges and game designers who are related to, or work for any of the companies who are judging final submissions, cannot participate.

Only board, card and dice games are eligible. No RPGs. No videogames.

All designs remain the intellectual property of the designers. playtestNW and ETX reserve the right to use submissions names, images, photos and/or likeness for promotional purposes.

Only newly developed games are eligible. The game cannot be under consideration by any company at the time of submission. These games must not be publicly available through any retail, crowd-funding or print-on-demand markets for the duration of the contest. If your game has been available for purchase for any purpose other than prototype creation, then it isn’t eligible.

Designs must be original works that do not infringe on any intellectual property. Game designs should be complete and well playtested before being submitted. Rules and prototypes do not need to have fancy art, but they should be clear and readable.

By submitting your game you agree to not hold playtestNW, or any of the contest Sponsors, Judges, or Participants liable for any perceived intellectual property infringement.

playtestNW may change or alter the rules at anytime during the competition.


2017 FAQ

Who is LUCI?

Our contest is named after Luci; a GPO (Giant Pacific Octopus) that was released out of captivity back to waters near Tacoma. Like most GPOs, Luci has a penchant for solving puzzles and is believed to reside in the ruins of the original Tacoma Narrows Bridge. 

Can non-U.S. designers participate?

Yes, although you need to be present at ETX in order to compete and win.

Is the award only for new designers, or can published designers participate?

Although open to any unpublished game, the contest is specifically geared to help expose new indie designs and talent.

Is it OK if I know some of the judges personally?

Yes. Our judges are fairly gregarious, so we expect that they may have met some of the contestants. Direct relatives and co-workers of the judges are not eligible, however. See the RULES AND REGULATIONS section.

What do I get if I win?

You'll receive a nifty plaque, as well as the right to use the LUCI Award logo on your to be published game. You'll also get the chance to show off your design to dozens of industry insiders and professional designers at ETX. Not to mention fame, glory, bragging rights, and the satisfaction of a job well done. There may be other prizes as well, we'll see.

Do I Need to be Present at ETX to win?


Whats this about a live twitch broadcast?

We partner with HyperRPG (, who interview semi-finalists and broadcast the arena events.

What happens in the case of a tie?

We reserve the right to announce multiple winners.

Can I submit my game to other contests?

Yes, submission to the LUCI Design Contest does not preclude entry to other contests.